Give a flight !

  • You choose the paragliding you offer
  • You enter the name, mail and gsm to whom you offer this flight
  • You pay online through paypal or credit card.
  • The beneficiary will choose the day of the flight at the time of telephone booking with Pierrot.
  • The gift voucher is valid for one year (order date) and maybe exchange.

The formula “provide flight ” is ideal to give a good gift. The beneficiary may choose, himself, the place of his baptism paragliding, etc,… at the time of telephone booking.

This is the most flexible formula, which allows you to offer a flight to a loved one with Pierrot Helleu

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Call me at 06 92 61 31 26 for booking

And, the date of your booking, the weather does not ensure the flight in good conditions, it will be postponed to a date of your choice. The validity of the voucher will be extended if necessary.
Make an appointment as soon as possible so that we can ensure optimum service.
Book, if possible, two weeks or more before flight.


Show prices flights :

  • The Great Flight - 30/40 mins at 110€
  • The Very Large Flight - 1h to 140 €
  • The Flying High - 1500 m at €140
  • Child flight - 15/25 mins à 80€
  • Flight Wellness 90 €
  • Discovery flight - 15/25 mins à 80€
  • Maido flight for €250
  • Acrobatic Flight at 100€

Flight prices

  • Child flight €80
  • Discovery flight 90€
  • The grand theft 110€
  • The very large flight 140 €
  • The flight of the tops 140€
  • Well-being flight 90 €
  • Maïdo flight € 240
  • Acrobatic flight 100€


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